No newsletter over the break

Next edition comes out on January 13, 2021

Hello, The Overlap reader!

Normally you get this newsletter every two weeks, which means the next one would publish on 12/30/20.

However, I’m taking a break these next two weeks to spend time with family, friends, my woefully neglected books, the outdoors, and yes, Netflix.

The next edition will come out on January 13, 2021.

I’m trying to climb more problems like this one:

Also, you’re going to get thousands of end of the year posts. I’d rather not add to that avalanche and spare your inbox.

2020 was definitely a shitty year, but I’m proud that I established a writing rhythm. I recently published an essay on my writing process:

The biggest driver of my publishing output was writing every Saturday/Sunday morning for at least one hour. I used to struggle with publishing not as frequently as I liked — I wasn’t able to publish monthly on The Jump, which was what I set out to do. Then I told myself “alright, no matter what, every Saturday you will sit at your desk (or at a coffeeshop, pre-Covid) and write for at least one hour.”

That worked.

Each edition of The Overlap came from a weekend writing session. Isn’t that wild?

One thing I forgot to add to my writing process essay: I take a break every year. A break helps me stay inspired. A break helps me think of weirder, more interesting ideas. And a break is the perfect way to conclude an exhausting year.

Take a break. See you in January.